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High Grossing Call Center Products

Call Center Products for Maximum Earnings

Our call center products earn more money per product than any other provider in the country.Premier Product Placement is the leading call center product provider. We have profitable and desirable products that will earn your call center more money per sale than any other company. As a call center owner/operator you are aware of the challenges of selling undesirable products or products that offer low commission rates. These are the products that can bankrupt your call centers because they do not provide enough return for the cost of administering all of the calls. The call centers selling Premier Product Placements specialized call center products however are making millions of dollars per year. Our products are cutting edge, finely tuned, and designed to make you more money. Some of our products even offer recurring revenue for up to a year. 

The best part about our products is that you dont need to know anything about them to get started. Our company has already done the hard work for you. We have transfer networks setup, proven call scripts, and many other tools for your call center agents to close more sales and deliver more to your bottom line.

Our home security products for call centers earn $1100 per sale and are among the most sought after home security systems available on the market. This means an easier sale for you since the customer already wants the product. Our topical pain cream program is another example of an up to date product that consumers are actively looking for. Your company can earn commissions on a recurring basis every time the customer renews their pain cream (and its often!). Now that you know Premier Product Placement is the leader in call center products, its time to make the switch. Our call centers partners out sell and out earn other call centers because we have a proven strategy with proven results. Call us now to get started.

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