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Our Nation Spends Billions on Prescriptions

Our Nation spends billions on prescriptions every single year. The American people spent approximately $320 Billion dollars in 2011 on their prescription medications. In 1999 the average American spent $485 on prescription drugs per year. In 2009 the average American spent $956 per year on prescription drugs. That’s a 97% increase in cost in just a decade and the costs for prescription medication continue to rise dramatically! Cost for prescription drugs is so high that many Americans just can’t afford to take their medication. In 2010 over 48 million Americans could not fill a prescription due to the cost.

More reasons why our Nation spends billions on prescriptions…

What’s crazy is the amount of American people that rely on prescription medication for their health concerns.  0ver 48% of Americans take at least one prescription drug on a regular basis. 21% of Americans take 3 prescription drugs and 11% of Americans take more that 5 prescription drugs on a regular basis. It’s crazy to think that some Americans take over 20 prescription drugs every day and over 1000 pills per month. 1 out of 5 children and 9 out of 10 seniors take at least one prescription drug regularly. Over the last decade the percentage of Americans using 5 or more prescription drugs has increased by 70%. No wonder our Nation spends billions on prescriptions.

So what are we going to do about it? How can we help ease the financial burden on our fellow Americans? Why should people have to spend so much money on prescription drugs? The answer is simple… They don’t have to! Most Americans don’t have to spend a penny on their prescription drugs. The problem is that they just don’t know how to get them for free. That’s where we come in. As a member of our Health Advocacy Program we can get people all of their prescriptions for free or nearly free. We need to get the word out and help these people save money. Give us a call and let’s help put an end to the reasons our Nation spends billions on prescriptions!

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