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People Need a Health Advocate

The fact is that people need a health advocate in their corner. Why you ask? There are millions of Americans going to the doctor everyday for one reason or another. Some go to the doctor for simple things such as a routine check up or a common cold while others visit the doctor or hospital for major surgeries. The one thing that’s common in all cases is that these doctor visits and hospital stays all cost money. Lots and lots of money… This is why people need a health advocate. They need someone that can work with these doctors and hospitals to get their overall medical expenses substantially reduced or eliminated all together.

This is where Premier Product Placement’s Health Advocacy Program comes in. We pride ourselves on providing our members with real benefits that save them money every month. Our members get their own dedicated Advocate that works with their doctor or hospital to get their bill either written off entirely or reduced by a significant amount and put on an affordable payment plan for the member.

When an individual or a family signs up for our Health Advocacy Program they go through a thorough intake process with their own dedicated Health Advocate Professional. This Health Advocate will work with them to get all of their prescription medications covered under the membership at little or no cost to the member. This benefit alone is saving several of our members thousands of dollars each and every month. We’re here to answer all of those questions and talk to you about the program to make sure it’s a good fit for your call center.

This is not health insurance and it’s not a discount health care plan. The bottom line is that discount health care plans just don’t do the member justice in most cases. With our Health Advocacy Program members get real benefits to help them with medical financial issues. Our Health Advocacy Plan works great for people with or without insurance. Everyone is eligible and we take on members with any and all pre existing conditions. The bottom line is that people need a Health Advocate on their side.