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Call Center Marketing and Affiliate Programs

Are you a call center owner that has been looking high and low for call center marketing and affiliate programs? If you’ve been looking for specific products and services to sell in your call center then I’d be willing to bet that you’re having some difficulty finding them. Sure, you can find affiliate programs out there but there really isn’t a company that specializes in call center marketing and affiliate programs. Or is there?

Premier Product Placement was founded by call center owners for call center owners. We founded this company with the success of call center owners in mind first and foremost. When we owned our call center in Orange County, California we always had a struggle finding viable product and services to sell. The products and services that we were looking for just didn’t exist. As a call center owner you want to sell something that’s good for the customer and something that has longevity. You also need a product or service that has enough profit margin to pay your costs such as fixed overhead, commissions to your reps, marketing and other costs associated with running a business. That’s easier said than done. With most of the call center marketing and affiliate programs there’s barely enough meat on the bone to cover expenses let alone make a decent profit. I don’t know about you, but no profit equals no business in my mind. Sales reps need to make a good steady income or you will inevitably lose them to another job and as the owner of the call center you need to make a profit!

Premier Product Placement specializes in call center marketing and affiliate programs that meet all of these requirements. We work with products and services that are going to be around for years to come. With Premier you can sell products and services such as home security systems, satellite TV and telecommunications. These types of services offer the consumer a true value for their money and there isn’t any harsh scrutiny about them that will get your doors shut for selling them.

So if you’re in need of call center marketing and affiliate programs that actually work then give us a call at 800-542-3870.

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