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Call Center Products to Sell

Are you a call center owner that needs new call center products to sell? Are you looking for products and services that net you a high profit margin? Of course you are… If you’re searching around the Internet for call center products to sell then you may be having a difficult time finding a good resource.

Premier Product Placement is one of the only companies out there that specializes in call center marketing and affiliate dealer programs. Premier was founded by call center owners for call center owners and you can bet that we have the most complete call center products to sell in the industry. There are a few things to take into consideration when looking at new call center products to sell.

First, what types of products and services are consumers receptive to in the current market place? At Premier Product Placement we primarily specialize in consumer-based products and services such as telecommunications, home alarm systems and satellite television.

These are all good examples of services that are easily sold over the phone to consumers and that consumers are very receptive to. After all, how many homes do you know that don’t currently have television? Second, what products and services are going to have longevity? You don’t want to build a complete team of sales reps for a certain call center product or service just to find out that you can’t sell if for very long because of one reason or the other.

For example, in the past a lot of call center owners were selling debt settlement type services and they were making a ton of money doing it. The problem with those types of call center products is that they have a high complaint record by consumers and ultimately the Attorney Generals and the FTC end up shutting them down or making laws that make it nearly impossible for the call center owner to make any money selling them.

You want to make sure that whatever product or service you choose to sell will be around for many years to come and that you’re not going to get a padlock put on your door or worse yet end up in jail.

The third thing that you want to look closely at is the company that’s running the dealer program for the service you choose. What kind of support are you going to get when you have questions about the product or service you’re selling? Do they provide ongoing training and support for your CSRs and your management? How do you get paid? Are they open to ideas that may help to improve sales and support for the product that you’re selling? And most important is how easy are they to work with?

You want to be able to build a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the company that runs the dealer program because you are both going to be working together with common goals in mind. Hopefully for a very long time and on multiple products and services.

So if you’re looking for call center products to sell then give Premier Product Placement a call @ 800-542-3870.