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Highest Paying Home Security Dealer Program

The Highest Paying Home Security Dealer Program is here!

If you’ve been searching for the highest paying Home Security Dealer Program then your search stops here. Premier Product Placement has created the highest paying Home Security Dealer Program in the industry. Our Home Security Dealers can earn well over $700 per installed home security system.

We train our Home Security Dealers how to maximize their commissions on every sale by working with the customers to find out the best system and then getting a ninety nine dollar activation fee which is industry standard and setting a fair monthly monitoring rate. It all comes down to training and following the correct steps if you want to maximize commissions.

First you need to find a Home Security Dealer Program that pays out higher commissions for certain types of installed home security systems. Then you need to talk to them about how you can earn the highest average overall commissions on your sales. You must be ready to listen, learn and implement the training you receive with your sales reps. By default, your sales reps are going to sell with the least path of resistance and give away low monthly monitoring rates and no activation fees if you allow them to.

This just doesn’t work if you want to earn higher commissions. You have to train your sales reps properly and continue with ongoing training for your sales staff and most importantly your Sales Manager. If your Sales Manager is allowing your sales reps to give away the farm just to get the deal done then you probably need to start looking for a new Sales Manager.

In addition to paying the highest commissions Premier pays its Home Security Dealers faster than any other company in the business. We pay our Home Security Dealers every Thursday for their previous week’s qualified installs and our Dealers don’t have any chargeback liability.

If you’re interested in becoming a Home Security Dealer and earning the highest commissions in the industry then give us a call @ 800-542-3870.

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