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Home Alarm Sales Center

Premier Home Security is the nation’s #1 Home Alarm Sales Center. Have you been looking to get into the home alarm sales business? Entrepreneurs know that the home alarm sales business is a very lucrative venture that can earn you long term wealth.

Like any other business venture your sales model needs to be well thought out and you need to have a clear and concise direction on how you plan to execute. The home alarm sales business is a good, steady, long-term sales program that has been around for many years and isn’t going anywhere but up.

It all starts with joining the right team and that means that you will need to research to find the best home alarm sales center. The definition of a home alarm sales center is the same as a home alarm dealer program or home alarm affiliate program. This is the company that you will be working with for fulfillment on the customers that you bring in through your marketing efforts. The home alarm sales center should handle all of the customer service and installation of the equipment as well as the long term monitoring for the homeowner.

You really need to take your time when choosing a home alarm sales center to work with because most of them do not have a very friendly “Dealer Program”. Sure they may have a home alarm dealer program where they will allow you to sell home alarm systems under them but you need to make sure that the dealer program is set up with your success in mind. Some of the things that you will want to look out for are commission amounts, how long does it take to get paid, holdbacks and chargebacks, marketing footprint, marketing restrictions, sales training and support, etc. These are all extremely important factors that can make or break your home alarm sales business.

Premier Home Security is the #1 Home Alarm Sales Center in the nation. We provide our Home Alarm Dealers with a complete Home Alarm Dealer Program that is completely set up with the Dealer’s success in mind. We have zero holdbacks or chargebacks. We pay our Home Alarm Dealers weekly for their previous week’s installs. We cover over 30 states and growing for our marketing footprint and we provide full time Dealer support for both sales and home alarm product knowledge.

If you’re currently looking into the Home Alarm Sales business or if you’re currently selling home alarm systems through another Home Alarm Sales Center, we invite you to give us a call. You will be happy that you did. We will prove to you in a matter of minutes that we are the most complete Home Alarm Sales Center in the nation!