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Home Security Affiliate Program – Earn Over $700 Per Sale

Want to join a home security affiliate program where you can earn over $700 per sale? Have you been shopping around at the different home security affiliate programs that are out there for dealers? If so you may be seeing a lot of different offers from companies like ADT and Protect America. This type of home security affiliate program usually pays around $300 per sale and provides their home security affiliate dealers with little to no support.

If you’re serious about joining a home security affiliate program then you need to look at several different factors that come into play. The primary factor is overall commission. Not only how much money you can make but what does it take to make the top commission and how long do you have to wait to get paid your commissions earned from your home security installs. You also need to look at many other factors including the following:

  • Chargeback liability
  • Commission holdbacks
  • Marketing ability and restrictions
  • Marketing footprint
  • Product knowledge and sales support (both upfront and ongoing)
  • Type of home security system you’re selling (DIY or Professional installation)
  • Time it takes to get installed
  • Install to sales percentage

There are many more factors that come into play but this outlines some of the most prominent things that can’t afford to be overlooked when signing up for a home security affiliate program.

So you’re probably asking yourself “How can I make over $700 per sale”? We make it very simple to earn top tier commissions for all of our home security affiliate dealers. We don’t try to swindle you into unobtainable volume benchmarks or unrealistic “pie in the sky” goals that you will struggle to hit. If you decide to join the home security affiliate program with Premier Product Placement we will train you to make over $700 on every installed home security system that you sell. YES!!! That is the honest truth. If you sell the way that we train you to sell you can make $700+ each and every time without having to hit unrealistic sales volume numbers.

We also run weekly and monthly promotional giveaways for our home security affiliate dealers. For example this month we’re giving away the brand new iPhone 5. But get this… we’re not just giving away one new iPhone. We’re giving away several new iPhone 5s to our home security affiliate dealers. As a member of our home security affiliate program you have a chance to win a new iPhone 5 every single week during the month of October. Next month we will be giving away bran new iPad Minis.

We like to keep things fun and very simple for our home security affiliate dealers. Give us a call at 800-542-3870 and let us show you how to make over $700 per sale with our Home Security Affiliate Program.