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Maximum Security Alarm Official Dealer Program

Premier Product Placement has been working with Maximum Security Alarm to create the Maximum Security Alarm Official Dealer Program.

Maximum Security Alarm has had a sub-dealer program in place for several years; however, it hasn’t been their primary business model because they focus on inside corporate sales to drive business. With Premier Product Placement’s infrastructure it allows for sub-dealers to gain the support that they need while selling home security systems. With any Home Security Dealer Program you need to make sure that you have adequate support for sales and product knowledge as well as things like accounting.

If you’re thinking about becoming a Home Security Dealer and you’re looking around at the various Dealer Programs available then you will want to contact Premier product Placement. We guarantee a higher commission payout as well as no chargeback or holdback liability. These are very important benefits that you just can’t get by going direct. You need to work with a company that can pay you more money and provide the initial and ongoing support that you and your team needs to maximize sales.

When we decided to put together a Home Security Dealer Program we looked at every company out there and we found Maximum Security Alarm had the most complete marketing footprint and they gave us the flexibility to change the things that we knew Dealers would want changed.

For example: Dealers want to get paid quickly for their installs. Dealers don’t want to be liable for changes that occur at the customer’s home with equipment that ultimately costs the Dealer money. Dealers don’t want chargeback liability. These are all things that we decided to take a close look at and we came up with solutions for every single concern. This is exactly why Premier Product Placement created the Official Maximum Security Alarm Dealer Program. Give us a call direct today if you’re interested in becoming a Home Security Dealer. 800-542-3870

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