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Monitronics Dealer Program

Are you looking for the best Monitronics Dealer Program? Look no further! That’s right… Premier Product Placement has put together the absolute best Monitronics Dealer Program for call centers and door knocking crews that want to sell home security. Our Monitronics Dealer Program has been refined over and over to meet the specific needs and requests of our Home Security Dealers. We set out to build the best Monitronics Dealer Program specifically for small to medium sized call centers and door knocking teams that needed a complete Home Security Dealer Program that would meet their needs.

So what makes us the best Monitronics Dealer Program?

First and foremost, we built our Monitronics Dealer Program based on years of feedback from our Home Security Dealers. They told us what was difficult for them in the Home Security space and we did everything in our power to create solutions and clearly defined systems to manage the pitfalls that they were having.

One of the things that our Home Security Dealers like most about our Monitronics Dealer Program is that we are extremely hands on. We hold our Dealer’s hands through the entire process of selling home security systems. It’s great if you’ve been selling home security systems for years but what if you’re just starting out in the business? You need a team behind you to train you and your staff thoroughly and work with you on an ongoing basis to make sure that you have the tools and training that you need to be successful.

What about home security leads? If you plan to be successful as a Home Security Dealer then you need great inbound lead sources. Premier Product Placement has several lead vendors that have been used over the years by our Home Security Dealers to create thousands of successful sales and installs.

Keeping it simple…

We knew that if we were going to create the best Monitronics Dealer Program we needed to keep it simple and straightforward for our Home Security Dealers. We put together a Monitronics Dealer Program where our Home Security Dealers only focus on selling. Our Dealers do not have to worry about equipment or technicians to manage out in the field. All our Home Security Dealers need to do is focus on selling the home security system and inputting the new sale into the web based CRM. Everything is taken care of from there by us.

Easy to understand commissions…

In the Home Security business commissions can be very challenging to understand. With our Monitronics Dealer Program we’ve put together a commission structure that is by far the highest in the industry and it’s easy to understand so that there isn’t any guesswork on payday! Best of all, our Home Security Dealers get paid every week for their previous week’s installs.

So there you have it! If you’re looking for the best Monitronics Dealer Program then give us a call today at 800-542-3870.