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No Chargeback Home Security Dealer Program

Are you looking for a No chargeback Home Security Dealer Program? Premier Product Placement is one of the only companies that offer its Affiliates no chargeback liability.

It’s no surprise that when you sell a product like home security you incur a chargeback liability. Most companies hold their Dealers accountable for full chargeback until the 13th month of the monitoring contract. This means that if the customer cancels or stops paying the monitoring company within the first 13 months of service you, the Dealer, has to pay back every penny of commission you earned on that sale.

Obviously there are many problems caused by this because you’ve already paid out marketing dollars and commissions to sales reps on these deals. As a Home Security Dealer the last thing that you want to do is pay back commissions that you earned several months prior. This can stop your home security sales business dead in its tracks.

Once you have good sales momentum going you need to keep it going and a sure way to do that is by finding a No Chargeback Home Security Dealer Program. With Premier Product Placement you don’t ever have to worry about chargebacks. Once you’re paid on a deal the money is yours to keep.

We want our Home Security Dealers to focus on good clean sales and increase in their sales volume. That means that as a Home Security Dealer you need to keep your marketing engine and sales staff paid and happy.

If you’re interested in a Home Security Dealer Program with no chargebacks then give us a call. Premier Product Placement is proud to offer our Dealers a true No Chargeback Home Security Dealer Program. You can reach one of our Affiliate Managers 7 days a week @ 800-542-3870. No chargeback Home Security Dealer Program.