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Sell Home Security Systems to Win an iPhone 5

Sell home security systems to win an iPhone 5. It’s that simple! Premier Product Placement is happy to announce the iPhone 5 Giveaway Promotion for the month of October! The iPhone 5 was officially released to the public on September 21st and Apple sold roughly 5 million devices in the first weekend alone!

This is by far the most anticipated iPhone release of all time. This phone sold out in pre-order in less that one hour as opposed to the 22 hours that it took for the iPhone 4s to sell out.

Well we’ve got great news!

We have our hands on some of the new iPhone 5s and we will be giving them away all month long! The promotion is simple. Any Dealer that gets funded on 25 or more home security system installs in one week during the month of October will win a brand new iPhone 5 in the color of their choice. No waiting in line or waiting weeks to get one. We will ship a brand new iPhone 5 overnight to your home or office. This iPhone 5 will be unlocked and without contract. These devices are selling on eBay for up to $1500 right now and we’re giving them away! You have 4 chances to win during the month of October. Every Dealer can win every week so you have the opportunity to win up to 4 brand new iPhone 5s this month. All you have to do is sell home security systems to win an iPhone 5.

This iPhone 5 Giveaway Promotion is one that we are very proud of and we know that our Dealers will be excited about as well. This device is simply amazing and once you get your hands on one you will clearly see why it’s untouchable by any other phone on the market. So if you’re ready to sell home security systems to win an iPhone 5 then what are you waiting for?