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If You Currently Sell Home Security You Need to See This!

Are you looking to sell home security?

This is the absolute best Home Security Dealer Program. If you want to sell home security then look no further!

  • We pay you every Thursday for the previous week’s installs!
  • No Holdbacks!
  • No Chargebacks!
  • Best commissions in the industry!
  • Same day/Next day installs!
  • Huge marketing footprint!
  • Low marketing restrictions!
  • Ongoing training and live support 7 days a week!

Premier Product Placement is focused on Dealer success. The primary goal is for our Home Security Dealers to be successful with our program. We know that if our Dealers aren’t successful then there is something seriously wrong. We’ve spent countless hours refining our Home Security Dealer Program with feedback directly from our Dealers.

If you’re going to build the best program to sell home security then you need to listen to the Dealers that are selling on the front lines and be willing to adjust every aspect to fit their needs. That’s exactly what Premier Product Placement has done and the success of their Home Security Dealer Program is a direct reflection of that commitment to success.

Some of the things that were causing issues were changes that happened at the door when the technician showed up to a customer’s home to install their new home security system. These changes would directly effect the Dealer’s commission most of the time and it was frustrating to the Dealers because they had little or no control over what changes were approved to save the sale.

Premier has completely eliminated the Dealer’s financial liability for changes that happen at the door.

One of the other things that was difficult for the Dealers was the amount of time that it took to get paid on their installs. Dealers were waiting 3-4 weeks to get paid.

Now Premier has set up an Express Funding model where the Dealers can get paid weekly for their previous week’s installed accounts. This is huge for the Dealers growth and success.

If you’re currently selling for another Home Security Dealer Program and you’re looking to sell home security with the best you owe it to yourself to give us a call. 800-542-3870