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Student Loan Relief Sales Program

Premier Product Placement has put together the best Student Loan Relief Sales Program anywhere in the industry! Are you familiar with what a Student Loan Relief Sales Program is?

Maybe you’re already ahead of the game and have been helping American consumers with Student Loan Relief. If not, then you are about to find out why our Student Loan Relief Sales Program is by far the best opportunity for you to make massive amounts of upfront and residual commission while helping American consumers that desperately need a life line for the student loan debt that they’re drowning in.

So what is Student Loan Debt Relief?

Here is a brief overview so that you can understand what Student Loan Debt Relief is and why it’s so important as a marketer to offer this product to your customers that need it.

Picture this… You’re going to school and you take out one, two maybe three student loans that add up to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Once you graduate you have 6 months to find a job before you are on the hook to begin repayment of those student loans. These loans don’t simply go away. The monthly payments can be several hundred to several thousand dollars per month. So what if you haven’t found a job in your field of study yet and can’t afford to make the payments? Well, there are plenty of federal government programs available that can help you to consolidate loans, defer interest and even release you from the student loan debt obligations entirely but these are extremely difficult to navigate through. That’s where our Student Loan Relief Sales Program comes in. We’ve put together the most experienced team to help these struggling Americans navigate the waters of getting student loan debt help. This is an attorney-backed program with an A Rating with the Better Business Bureau and we’ve already successfully processed thousands of student loans. We charge the consumer an upfront and a monthly fee for helping them to reduce or eliminate their student loan payments. In return you, the marketing team, gets paid an upfront plus a residual commission.

So now that you understand a bit more about Student Loan Debt Relief and how our Student Loan Relief Sales Program works I’ll give you some more insight on the problem at hand.

I read an article today on cnn.com that said the student loan bubble is starting to burst and that many major banks such as US Bancorp and JP Morgan Chase have stopped offering student loans. The problem of accumulating national student loan debt is staggering to the tune of around $1 trillion. There are literally millions of Americans that need our help. Yes, they can do it themselves but how many of them actually will? I would be willing to guess that less than 1% that need the help will follow through on getting it without our assistance.

The time is now!

Just as there were several guidelines put in place when it came to debt settlement a few years ago. There are bound to be similar regulations put in place in regards to Student Loan Debt Relief. This may take a year or 5 years but it’s bound to happen. Our Student Loan Relief Sales Program is already ahead of the curve and putting in policies and procedures that will keep us legal as this emerging Student Loan Debt Relief industry evolves.

If you want to join the best Student Loan Relief Sales Program around then give us a call today and let’s get to work on helping Americans in need of assistance.

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Student Loan Bubble

There’s been a strong buzz around the media throughout the last year or so surrounding the Student Loan Bubble that’s been brewing for years. Do you remember when banks were lending on real estate to anyone that could practically fog a mirror in the mid 2000s? I bet you do because most of us will never forget it. And do you remember what happened when banks decided to shut the subprime mortgage faucet off? All hell broke loose… That was the subprime mortgage bubble and it’s beginning to look very similar in the world of student loans.

If you’re concerned with the looming Student Loan Bubble you’re not alone. Keep reading…

It’s estimated that there is currently over $1 trillion in outstanding student loan debt. That makes student loan debt the second highest household debt in America next to mortgages. In 2004 student loan debt was only around $240 billion so you can see the significant growth that has occurred over the last decade. Only about $150 billion of the $1 trillion or so owed in student loan debt are privately held by banks and other financial institutions. The other $850 billion or so are federal loans. Are you starting to see the Student Loan Bubble?

The CFPB reported that student loan default is on the rise at around $8 billion worth of private student loans being in default. This number is sure to rise as interest rates rise because most privately held student loans are considered variable rate loans. You can read the latest CFPB Student Loan Report HERE.

While new programs are coming around to help students in need, there are still millions of American families that can’t get help because private financial institutions hold their student loans. The problem is that there just aren’t any flexible repayment plans. Think about this… you take out a large student loan to go to school. You graduate and then you try to find a good job in your field of study. But what if it takes a year or even two? Worse yet, what if you get discouraged and are forced to find a lower paying job doing something entirely different than you went to school for? Those student loans don’t go away. They continue to haunt you and if you fall behind of fail to make your payments they can garnish your wages. Unfortunately, this is a major problem that’s quickly becoming reality for millions of Americans.

Banks are giving in to the Student Loan Bubble.

As bizjournals.com reported, US Bancorp was the first major bank to decide they would no longer participate in student loan lending back in 2012. More recently JP Morgan Chase issued a statement to colleges stating that they would no longer be participating in student loans as of October 2013.

The bottom line is that it’s beginning to look a lot like the subprime mortgage bubble. Wouldn’t you agree? The main question is will this Student Loan Bubble hurt our economy like the subprime mortgage fiasco did? As with anything, lending and programs will evolve with the needs of the students but it’s going to be a long road ahead in the coming years. Currently there are millions of new students taking out student loans every year with no clear and concise plan of how they will repay the debt once they graduate. That in it’s self is a sure way to create a Student Loan Bubble that will inevitably burst very soon.

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Student Loan Debt Relief Leads

Student Loan Debt Relief Leads are in high demand right now as more and more call centers are beginning to market this hot new product to Americans in need. As always, good leads are hard to find and there isn’t any difference when it comes to Student Loan Debt Relief Leads. As more and more demand for good Student Loan Debt Relief Leads arises, so do more and more lead vendors with promises of having the best leads available. If you’re a call center owner then chances are that you know you can’t trust most lead vendors. Of course they will all tell you that they have the best leads for the best price but generally you find out just the opposite after coughing up thousands of dollars. Most lead vendors have trouble delivering enough consistent volume to keep your sales floor busy. Other lead vendors have challenges with the quality of the leads they deliver. And worst of all some lead vendors are out to rip you off entirely by taking your money and running.

So whom do you trust? Well that’s a tough question. Unless you’ve built a long-term relationship with a lead vendor over the years you may need to take a leap of faith. The best place to start is by doing a quick Google search before you send any money to a lead vendor to make sure that they don’t have any complaints from others that have been unhappy with their leads or lack there of.

Premier Product Placement has a proven lead vendor that we work with when it comes to Student Loan Debt Relief Leads. Premier does not generate leads for our Dealers but what we’ve found is that no matter what program our Dealers are selling they always ask us who we recommend for leads. With that in mind we try to accommodate our Dealers by sending them to reputable lead vendors that we know will provide what they promise.

The Student Loan Debt Relief Leads that our current lead vendor provides to our Student Loan Relief Dealers have been proven and refined for over a year now. These Student Loan Debt Relief Leads are primarily generated from online inquires through social media. From there the customer is contacted by a US based call center for further qualification. If the customer passes a series of qualifying questions the lead is then live transferred to your sales floor so that you can close the sale. The best thing about these leads is that they were originally generated from an inbound inquiry and there are no volume restrictions!

So if you’re currently in need of Student Loan Debt Relief Leads then give us a call today!

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Student Loan Debt Relief Processing

Are you in need of Student Loan Debt Relief Processing? If you’re looking around for a good Student Loan Debt Relief Processing company then look no further. Premier Product Placement has put together the perfect solution for call centers looking to market Student Loan Debt Relief. Our Student Loan Debt Relief Dealer Program takes care of everything you need on the back end processing side so that you can focus on marketing and bringing on new customers. Once you sign up with Premier Product Placement to become a Student Loan Debt Relief Dealer you will have access to comprehensive one on one Dealer training for product knowledge and full ongoing Dealer support. We also handle all of the accounting from A to Z through a third party administrator. This means that as the Dealer you don’t have to worry about the liability and expense of payment processing which can be a huge challenge in itself.

Premier Product Placement has built a strong reputation for providing our Dealers with the best all around support and complete back end solutions for all of our Dealer Programs. Our goal is to make sure that our call centers are successful and that you have a well-oiled machine to step into and begin marketing. It’s no different with our Student Loan Debt Relief Processing. We can have you fully set up, trained, selling and making money within 72 hours. We even have a fully proven lead program that can drive pre-qualified live inbound calls to your sales floor. These leads are generated from people that have inquired about Student Loan Debt Relief. Then the calls are routed through another US based call center where they are asked a series of qualifying questions before being transferred to your sales agents to be closed and enrolled into the Student Loan Relief Program. Our Student Loan Debt Relief Processing back end is fully attorney backed and offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The bottom line is that we either make the customer happy or we refund their money.

With leads like these and the training that we provide as well as the payment processing and customer satisfaction guarantee you have a complete package to be a successful Student Loan Debt Relief Dealer. So if you are in need of Student Loan Debt Relief Processing then give us a call today at 800-542-3870.

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