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Call Centers Sell Home Security

Can call centers sell home security? Of course they can, but how?

  • Where does a call center turn if they want to begin selling home security?
  • How do they get started?
  • How do they get the product knowledge and sales training that it takes to get a customer on the phone and sign them up for a home security system to be installed at their home?
  • How much commission does the call center get paid and when?

These are all questions that come to mind when call centers sell home security. Call centers have been selling home security for years through companies like ADT, Monitronics, GE, Protect America and others.

How does a call center owner know which company to sell through and how to contact them to become a Home Security Dealer? What types of marketing restrictions are going to be put on the call center and how will this effect sales in general?

It can get very tricky for the call center owner to sift through all of the information that’s out there about Home Security Dealer Programs and make the right informed decision on which one to begin selling for.

That’s where Premier Product Placement comes in. We realized that when call centers sell home security they need a viable Home Security Dealer Program to work with if they plan to be successful. We went through all of the various options that are out there for call centers that want to begin selling home security and we put together the ultimate best Home Security Dealer Program available.

Does it sound too good to be true? Maybe it does and maybe it sounds too easy but the fact of the matter is that every single Home Security Dealer Program that we researched had multiple flaws. Either the commissions were way too low to make it profitable or they took way too long to pay their Dealers. Most of the Home Security Dealer Programs that we researched had commission holdbacks or they had long chargeback liability periods. Some of them had both. They all had positives and they all had negatives.

In the end we had to choose the best equipment and the best monitoring station and then we had to develop our own Home Security Dealer Program. If you’ve been looking around for the best Home Security Dealer Program and you’re not finding the one that has everything that you’re looking for then give us a call @ 800-542-3870.

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