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Home Security Sales are on the Rise

Home security sales are on the rise in 2012 with some staggering numbers. There are plenty of articles you can read out there that talk about the rise in home security sales. If you’re a call center owner that’s looking for the perfect product then you should be looking at home security.

Home security sales provide high commissions and the systems are easy to sell over the phone. Homeowners are happy to talk about increasing the security of their home and are easy to work with.

Lets think about it for a minute. If you were a new homeowner and your like most then you would want to protect your family. A new home security system is one of the best ways to detour would be intruders and keep your family safe. Break ins and home invasions are happening every day in our neighborhoods. Savvy homeowners are well aware of the potential threat by crooks.

This is one of the many reasons why home security sales are on the rise all across America right now. Homeowners want the added security of a new home security system.

GE produces one of the best home security systems available to the public and our Home Security Dealers are giving them away for free.

Premier Product Placement has the most complete Home Security Sales Program in the industry. We provide our Home Security Sales Dealers with complete ongoing training and support as well as our Express Funding Program that pays our Dealers faster than any other Dealer Program out there. If you’re interested in home security sales then feel free to give us a call @ 800-542-3870.

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Home Security Sales

Attention call centers that would like to sell home security systems.

Premier Product Placement has put together the perfect Home Security Sales Program. It has been over a year in the making and we’ve had many ups and downs but we feel that we officially have the absolute best Home Security Dealer Program available in the industry. We have taken into account every single ounce of feedback that we’ve received from our Home Security Dealers and we’ve come up with viable solutions on each and every point.

Fasten your seat belts because when you begin selling with us you’re in for the best sales ride of your life! We fully train our Home Security Sales Dealers so that they can become successful and profitable quickly. Our training and ongoing support is one of the primary reasons why our Home Security Dealers are so successful.

Our dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable Home Security Affiliate Managers are available for Dealer support 7 days a week. This means that you as a Dealer can get on the phone at anytime that you have sales or product knowledge questions and get the support you need immediately. Consider this an extremely valuable tool and an outright requirement when you’re looking at different Home Security Sales Programs out there.

With our new Express Funding model available to our Home Security Sales Dealers you can get paid right away for your Home Security Sales that install rather than waiting several weeks to get paid. This ensures that our Home Security Sales Dealers can begin ramping up their sales staff and increasing marketing efforts in order to increase sales volume.

An average Home Security Sales Dealer with 10 sales reps should be able to conservatively sell and get paid on around 30 – 50 home security systems per week. This can amount to substantial cash flow for the call center owners.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Home Security Sales Program then please give us a call @ 800-542-3870.

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Sell Home Alarm Systems and Make Big Bucks!

Are you interested in selling home alarm systems? Have you been looking around to try and find the perfect home alarm system sales program? It can be confusing with so many options out there like ADT, Defender Direct, Protect America, Monitronics, GE and many others. How do you know what’s the best home alarm dealer program for you?

You need to ask yourself a few key questions and make sure that you get all the answers before you take the plunge. Some of the key questions to ask about the home security dealer program are:

  1. How large of a marketing area does the company allow and what kind of restrictions do they have on marketing?
  2. How quickly can they install for your customers?
  3. Do you have to provide your own installers or does the company install for you?
  4. Is there any chargeback liability for sales you make?
  5. How long does it take to get paid once an install has taken place?
  6. Does the company provide ongoing training and support for your home security sales?
  7. How will you enter and track your sales and installs?

Once you get a good feel for the company you’ll be working with while selling home security systems you may want to start off slow with just a few sales per day. You want to make sure that they are paying you as agreed and that your customers are happy with the equipment and the service that they’re getting.

If you need more information about how to sell home alarm systems then feel free to give us a call. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and we would love to help you out so that you can be successful in the business of home alarm sales. You can reach us 7 days a week at 800-542-3870.

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