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Monitronics vs. ADT

Monitronics vs. ADT… How do they stack up against each other?

Monitronics and ADT are both types of home security monitoring systems that can be installed in the home or business to protect from burglary. They are both companies that have similarities and some differences. Monitronics has over 700,000 customers that depend on their defense system. They give you a rapid response option, in 23 seconds or less in the event of the alarm going off. They also provide you with 24 hours and 7 days a week security monitoring. Monitronics has also won awards in 2008, 2010, and 2011 for Monitoring Company of the Year; and is also CSAA Five Diamond Certified for excellence. They claim to have the latest technology for in home security, and also give you a lifetime warranty for the hardware. You can also get a discount off of your homeowners insurance if you are a homeowner. Up to 20% off on the homeowners insurance with Monitronics.

ADT offers some similar features to Monitornics. They also have a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week security response system that uses state of the art technology. Both Monitronics and ADT offer alarms for not only a burglary, but alarm monitoring for fire and smoke, carbon monoxide, flood and temperature monitoring. They also come with a panic button and medical alert system. So far, it looks like both companies offer the same features and benefits.

So when you look at Monitronics vs. ADT how do they stack up on price? Well that’s a great question. Monitronics and ADT are virtually the same price for their monthly monitoring rates. Their standard promotion price is free basic equipment, $99 professional installation and $42.99 per month for landline two-way voice monitoring service. The monthly monitoring rate is about $47.99 per month if you need a cell uplink and around $54.99 if you want interactive service that allows you to control your alarm from your smart phone. This big difference in Monitronics vs. ADT is that ADT technicians work very hard to upsell the customer on additional equipment when they come to install their home security system. The technicians that install for Monitronics do not try to upsell, however, if the customer requests additional equipment it can be purchased at an additional cost. Both Monitronics and ADT require a 3-year monitoring contract.

The two home monitoring systems both use state of the art technology and provide similar pricing for home security monitoring. It all comes down to service when you compare Monitronics vs. ADT and in this case Monitronics outshines ADT by far!

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