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Sell Home Security Systems and Make $950 Per Sale

Sell home security systems and make $950 per sale! Yes, that’s right… this is not a joke. This is very real. It’s a brand new year and Premier Product placement has completely revamped our Home Security Affiliate Dealer Program commissions so that our Home Security Dealers can make up to $950 per sale. That’s $950 per sale NET commission not gross commission and then we take a bunch of deductions. There are many Home Security Dealer Programs out there that tout high commissions but when you read the fine print there are holdbacks, chargebacks, fees for extra equipment, fees for cell pass through costs, fees for this, fees for that etc. etc. on and on. By the time you get your commission it ends up being less than half of what you should have been paid.

If you want to sell home security systems and make $950 per sale then you need to call Premier Product Placement. We guarantee that we don’t have any hidden fees or charges to our Home Security Dealers. ALL of our commissions are NET to our Dealers. We do not have any holdbacks, chargebacks, cell pass through costs, changes at the door costs etc. We want our Home Security Dealers to make the most money possible in this industry. That’s why we have the absolute highest NET commissions in the Home Security industry.

When you can sell home security systems and make $950 per sale it’s tough to beat but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. All of our commissions on all RMRs are as high as possible. We also provide our Home Security Dealers with the best ongoing training and full time support for their home security business. We know that our Dealer’s success equals our success and we work extremely hard to keep our Home Security Dealers successful in this business.

So… if you’ve been looking around at Home Security Dealer Programs or you’re already selling for another Home Security Dealer Program out there then it’s well worth your time to give Premier Product Placement a call. We guarantee that we can teach you exactly how to sell home security systems and make $950 per sale with our Home Security Dealer Program.

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