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Telemarketing Products to Sell

Do you own a call center and need telemarketing products to sell? Premier Product Placement is the only company in existence that specializes in telemarketing products to sell within your call center. We’ve put together specific products and services that work well in a telemarketing sales environment. By focusing on products that work well with call center marketing methods we’ve been able to develop Dealer Programs that keep your call center profitable and successful year round.

Here are a few of the telemarketing products to sell that we offer:

Home Security Dealer Program

Our Home Security Dealer Program was designed from the ground up to be one of our most successful telemarketing products to sell. We provide our Home Security Dealers with all of the tools and training that they need to run a successful call center marketing model with telemarketing being the primary lead generation tool. Our Home Security Dealer Program pays the highest commissions in the industry and as the telemarketing company you only have to focus on selling. We take care of the rest for you! Plus there are no holdbacks and no chargebacks. Keep what you earn every week!

Health Advocacy Dealer Program

Our Health Advocacy Dealer Program is very unique. It’s one of the best telemarketing products to sell because you have very little competition. It’s a consumer-based product where we help consumers get their prescription medications for free so there are plenty of potential customers to market to. Around 50 million Americans to be more specific. With our Health Advocacy Dealer Program call centers earn an upfront commission as well as a residual monthly commission. It doesn’t take long for a 10-seat call center to generate over $100,000.00 per month in residual income with our Health Advocacy Dealer Program.

Student Loan Relief Dealer Program

Our Student Loan Relief Dealer Program is one of our newest telemarketing products to sell. We took over 4 months in due diligence and development to bring our Student Loan Relief Dealer Program to fruition. We are well aware that this is one of the up and coming telemarketing products to sell out there and that there is a lot of competition popping up. With that in mind we wanted to make sure that we had the absolute best call center Dealer Programs available for our telemarketing rooms. We researched and found the best back end processing with the highest retention numbers. We tied the program to a TPA so that all payment processing would be automated through a third party and we set up a proven inbound lead generation campaign for our call centers. This product is going to be a massive profit source for our call centers in 2014.

In-Flight Advertising Dealer Program

If you’re a business-to-business call center and you are looking for a unique new product to offer your clients then this is it! We’ve partnered with an amazing new company that sells advertising space on board major commercial airlines such as Virgin America, Southwest Airlines and other major brands. This is one of the most profitable telemarketing products to sell if you marketing to businesses and it has zero competition! This product also offers a large upfront and massive residual commission so you can build a nice recurring revenue stream for your call center.

Keep an eye out for Premier Product Placement in 2014 because we will continue to bring you the most innovative and profitable telemarketing products to sell guaranteed!

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