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The Future of Home Security Sales

The future of home security sales is a very bright future. With the housing market beginning to turn around and property sales on the rise the buyers for home security systems is steadily increasing every year. New homeowners are beginning to flock in to home ownership because we are currently in the perfect storm of the lowest interest rates in history coupled with basement bargain prices on houses.

The bottom line is that new home ownership means more and more buyers for home security systems. It’s no wonder why the future of home security sales is so bright.

The other enticing feature for new homeowners is all of the technology that’s now packed into today’s home security system. Homeowners can now control their entire home security system from the palm of their hand with the use of their smartphone.

Most home security systems use an interactive module like the one from alarm.com which allows features such as arming and disarming as well as giving the user the ability to turn lights of and on and view their interior and exterior video cameras from any smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

Tech savvy consumers are gobbling up the new home security systems with these features because let’s face it, it’s cool.

Consumers like to be on the cutting edge of technology and when it comes to home security sales it’s no different.

The other thing that’s helping drive home security sales is the low cost to own a home security system.

Companies like ADT, Protect America and Maximum Security Alarm are giving away the equipment for free as long as the customer agrees to sign up for a 36 month monitoring agreement. For new and existing homeowners that’s a great deal considering the retail cost of some of these technology packed home security systems can reach over $1200 for the equipment alone. Not to mention the cost to have a professional technician come out to your home and install the home security system for free.

So with all of this information you can clearly see that the future of home security sales is a very bright future indeed.

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