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What is the Best Home Security Dealer Program for Call Centers?

What is the best home security dealer program for call centers? That’s a great question… With so many to choose from like ADT, Monitronics, Protect America, Guardian, Alliance, ISI, Premier and many others you really need to do your research. It’s not difficult to educate yourself on the options available to you but you should set up a criteria that you would like to stick to if you’re going to begin selling home security systems. For example: what areas do you want to market to, how will you obtain new customers, what does the payout model look like and are there any chargeback liabilities? You do have many options so you might as well pick the one that’s most favorable to the call center.

When you ask yourself “What is the best home security dealer program for call centers?” You should make a list of each dealer programs pros and cons when it comes to call center marketing. Many home security dealer programs have strict marketing restrictions and limited marketing footprints that cripple your ability to bring on large volumes of new customers. Other things to look out for are holdbacks and chargeback liability. I believe that ADT recently raised their dealer chargeback liability to 15 months. This means that as an ADT home security dealer you are on the hook for that customer for 15 months from the time that the system is installed. If that customer cancels within 15 months then you could be liable to repay the entire amount of commission that you were paid on that sale. OUCH!!! Another big factor is pay periods. More and more we’re beginning to see faster pay periods but there are still several home security dealer programs that take several weeks to pay out on their installs.

Another concern that you should be aware of when asking what is the best home security dealer program for call centers is how much dealer support will you get from the home security dealer program that you choose? As a call center owner you’re bound to have questions and you’re bound to have ongoing support needs. You will want to make sure that you choose a home security dealer program that has a solid dealer support system in place so that you can get answers to your questions quickly. Without this dealer support you may have a difficult time bringing on consistent volume of new home security customers. If I’m a call center owner and I have a full sales staff and a ton of marketing expenses then I definitely want to make sure that I have the support I need to bring in the sales. With out proper dealer support the whole system falls apart.

Premier Home Security offers a great home security dealer program that is well thought out and was built from the ground up with the call center in mind. We fully understand call center operations and we know the support that’s required to help maintain a successful marketing campaign for any dealer program including home security sales. As call center owners ourselves, we understand your needs as well as you do and we’re here to help you all the way through. Your success equals our success! We encourage you to do your research on every home security dealer program available to you. So when you ask yourself what is the best home security dealer program for call centers feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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