Have an invention you don’t know how to bring to market?


Premier Product Placement offers a turn-key solution to inventors. Our unique model offers advantages not available with other companies.

Vendor of Record

As a Vendor of Record at nearly every major retailer and dotcom in the U.S., Quest offers our manufacturer partners access to gain product listing at these customers, which could not be achieved for most small brands. Our Vendor of Record status is the key to overcoming some of the major obstacles small brands encounter when working with retailers.

E-Com Fulfillment

As an distributor for our dotcom retail partners Quest ships products directly to consumers on a daily basis. This allows solutions to another major obstacle without needing to utilize other third party fulfillment organizations.

Corporate Infrastructure

Quest has a fully functioning infrastructure available to be utilized by our Manufacturer Partners. Beyond our distribution facilities and we also maintain product insurance, EDI order processing, customer service and other key components, which would require incremental investmentfor our partners.