RX Assist Dealer Program

Our RX Assist Dealer Program offers great benefits to both the call center as well as the end user. Call centers have the ability to offer clients a simple RX Assist Program that is packed with real benefits that the customer will use for years to come. You will be helping the customer save money on their prescriptions every month. What this means to you is you will build a long lasting residual on every customer every month.

Become a Dealer RX Assist Training

If you’re looking for a dealer program with high member retention as well as upfront and residual commission then this is it! Make up to $27.28 in monthly residual per member you enroll. The member stays enrolled in the program because they save money every month on their prescription cost.

Features and Benefits

  •  Easy to manage business
  •  Full training and support
  •  Complete CRM and deal tracking
  •  Proven marketing resources
  •  Upfront commission
  •  Residual commissions
  •  High customer retention
  •  Flexible marketing guidelines

Real Savings Examples From Actual Members

Angel B. of Ft. Lauderdale, FL was paying $1291 a month and now her medications are FREE.
Rita C. of Lavinia, TN was paying $733 a month and now she only pays $24.16 a month.
June C. of Piscataway, NH was paying $1410 a month and now her medications are FREE.
Deborah M. of Schwenksville, PA was paying $287 a month and now she only pays $13.40 a month.
John W. of Denton, MD was paying $3741.75 a month and now his medications are FREE.

No Games… No Gimmicks…

This is NOT insurance and it is NOT a discount healthcare product!

This is a proprietary RX Assist Program developed by a large insurance firm. With every insurance policy written we all know that there is no way around the high prescription cost… until now! This program is partnered up with Pharmaceutical companies that will give our members their prescriptions at little or no cost, every time! Think about it… if a person is currently spending $100 or $300, maybe $500 or $700 and even over $1,000’s per month for themselves or their whole family and we can cover all of their meds for $59.99 per month, why wouldn’t they become a member for life?

We’re currently saving our members over $1,000,000 per month on their prescription drugs.

The member has access to their Advocate 24/7. The Advocate works directly with the member and their Doctor. They contact the member every 60 days as follow up. This creates a higher member retention for your monthly residual. Our back office does all of the work for your members. You just sell!

This Product Sells Itself!