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Approximately 60 million Americans have some sort of student loan debt. This accounts for more that $1 Trillion owed to lenders. That’s more than auto loans or credit cards. What’s worse is that over 60% of these consumers are concerned that they do not have the ability to repay these loans. That’s approximately 36 million Americans that need our help!

Premier Product Placement is excited to announce its latest Dealer Program for call centers to market to their customers. We’ve created an exclusive Dealer Program where our call centers can offer Student Loan Relief and Consolidation Programs to consumers while earning massive upfront and residual commissions.

Dealer Training

Become a Dealer

If your call center specializes in business-to-consumer marketing and you’re looking for a new and exclusive product to offer your clients then this is it! Our call centers make up to $1000.00 on the upfront commissions as well as huge monthly residual payments for every client they sign up for our Student Loan Relief Program.

Features and Benefits


What sets us apart?

There are several Student Loan Relief and Consolidations Programs available for you to market within your call center but Premier Product Placement has taken our Dealer Program to a whole new level! When you sign up as a Student Loan Relief Dealer you will not only earn the highest commissions available anywhere in the industry but you’ll also be backed by a company with an A Better Business Bureau Rating, hands on training and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

Exclusivity… Available Here And Only Here

Premier Product Placement has the exclusive right to market this one of a kind Student Loan Relief Program through call center marketing efforts. We built our Student Loan Relief Program from the ground up with a robust order entry portal and full CRM and deal tracking. This program is the perfect product to market to consumers because you are saving them huge amounts of money each and every month!

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